Three out of five!

Today I started of at the wrong VLC office ;-( A mixup in the appointment forced myself and a colleague to drive to Rotterdam. The meeting started to late but had a very good result. We discussed our internal change management training. We made a decision about group size, subjects and the case we will discuss during our three nights. The subjects we will discuss will cover the basics and go deeper discussing organizational perspective and personal perspective.

When we were finished I tried to get out but a “nice” neighbor of VLC Rotterdam prevented me to drive away… Very very childish and I will never ever do business with these guys again! But I am also a nice guy so I will not mention their name here but if you want to know please contact me! The VLC colleagues enjoying the standoff in front of the window in Rotterdam also know šŸ˜‰

In Utrecht the place was packed! I shared one desk with two others… I worked on a standard text we can add to our proposals, knowing that for each proposal we need to align the text with the client situation. The rest of the day I spend some time working on our infographic. Also I worked on the outline of the change management training and searched for the articles we will add to a reader for the training.

Tomorrow management of VLC will have a 24 hour training in a real hotel. Everybody was in good spirit and wondered what we would be doing. Speculations ran high and even the clothing advise was discussed big time. Saturday will start of very early so I think everybody will be tired like never before.

This means I visited three out of the five VLC offices today. Maybe not very “New World of Work” but sometimes face to face gets a lot more done! Hopefully I will visit VLC Santander in the near future to complete my travels to all VLC branches!

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