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Last year was named year of web 2.0. This came all together when we were named person of the year. “Individuals are changeing the nature of the information age, that the creators and consumers of user generated content are transforming art and ploitics and commerce, they are the engaged citizens of a new digital democracy” to quote Richard Stengel, managing editor of TIME on the choice of the person of the year.

The thing is these people are working somewhere! so what they are doing at home will come to work. It is inconceivable that this will stay at home. Those people blog about work they gather knowledge aat work to spread on wiki’s. The enterprise 2.0 community will have to convince IT managers to start using these tools as well. Not because we want to, but there is something for the enterprise in it as well. A good opportunity to turn the collective knowledge of people into something you can read. It is a good opportunity to get to know all your collegues.

If this is not brought to the enterprise those people will revolt just like they did on web 1.0. Whole new companies have been started just by web 2.0 and a lot of companies have been tared down by web 2.0! In Holland at the moment it is very hard for companies to hire good and smart people. So when you have got them, stick on to them and give them the same they have at home!

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