perpetual beta

the most important thing in web 2.0 that will pass to enterprise 2.0 will be the perpetual beta concept. This concept has not seen the light of day in most enterprises. Traditional an IT project will work a limited amout of time and then deliver a piece of software. Thereafter it is finished and a change will take six months to complete. The perpetual beta concept in practice will mean that a product will be delivered to the users in de enterprise. The team stays on board to deliver the second release in close collaboration with the users.  And these cylces will continue over a great span of time.

This concept is not only applicable to small webbased stuff but also on big enterprise class applications. Only then an enterprise will be able to deal with her faster moving environment!

The challange is to make this work inside an organisation. The concept that is closely related to this is the direct feedback cycles. Feedback is the only way that the perpetual beta can deliver the best results.

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