Interaction means better ideas faster?

Today I had a few discussions with coworkers on various matters. All were needed and essential to straighten out my own ideas and take these ideas to the next level. The morning started with a discussion about my new blogging impulse. Clearly I am setting some expectations about frequency but more importantly on the results of my work. For me the most important element is a moment to let go of the day and ensure more focus on a longer timescale.

Next I called a few coworkers to discuss a new idea. I will disclose this idea later on. Obviously I needed to explain my idea but I was keen not to tell to much. I did not want to set to many boundaries for this idea. Discussing the idea briefly a few times made it clearer to me as well. And I got some other ideas to for free!

After lunch I had a teammeeting onsite with a customer. When the meeting was finished we returned to the office and discussed our ideas with a coworker. In this discussion he managed to break out of our ‘groupthink’ and get some fresh and good ideas on the table. Now we can act on these ideas and get back on track faster!

My 2% learning curve of today would be to get someone with fresh ears and brains in a 15 minute ‘power’ meeting more regularly to talk and get better results in less time.