Concentration on the phone

Today the morning started with a lot of phone calls. At lunch I felt I had spend the entire morning on the phone. For the occasion (as if I knew when I packed) I used my headset. Talking and talking with clients and coworkers. In our open office plan I used a conference room for two reasons: not to disturb the rest of the office and to have maximum concentration to the phone call. I need this to prevent forgetting to-do’s and really listen.

When I the office I faced the consequences of making a phone call while driving a car (and being less concentrated on doing both). I made a promise to deliver a slidedeck. The coworker was on my voicemail I forgot and he really needed it as soon as possible. When I got home I sent him the slidedeck immediately. But I had enough time during the day to make the slidedeck…

I learned a few years ago that this is typical Introversion behavior in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. That’s my excuse but, seriously, I really need to focus when I am on the phone!

Are you as sharp as you could be when you are making an important phonecall?