Workshopping and changing

Today I started my day with a workshop that took the entire morning. This was the third workshop we did in a row. One thing I changed during this workshop was to have regular break to stretch our legs, get a cup of coffee and, most important, to clear our minds. Before the break I checked if I understood everything correct and summed up our findings. This worked really well. We achieved our goal for this workshop and thereby our goal for the series. Now we have to start our process to deliver the results.

One of the first theories we used was “the colors of change” by Leon de Caluw├ę, part-time professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We tried to assess different parts of the organization and different people. If you have the right assessment we should be able to define effective change interventions. It was fun to do and nice to see everybody was already familiar with this theory.

Here is a nice video about the colors of change

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