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Last Tuesday Vincent and I attended the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Hannover, Cebit 2008. See the Flickr pictures for an impression. At you can read the summaries of most sessions. It was an excellent summit with a packed programme. Especially the speakers Euan Semple, Dion Hinchcliffe and Jenny Ambrozek inspired us and gave us impression into the effects and implications of E2.0.

It’s great to get inspired by visionary images and to see the best practices from the field (Sul Campo, with thanks to Diego Gianetti from BTicino for an excellent example). We at YNNO get our main energy and drive when we use this input and try to see past the Hype, the through the vision and above the tool set.

E2.0: What are the mechanisms that drive this paradigm, what organizational challenges might it have an answer for when it is mature?

Amongst other aspects, the presentation of Jenny gave us an aha-erlebnis on this part. It showed that the mechanisms of E2.0 mainly fit within the highly complex processes and positions itself between the “holes of the current tools” of organizations. Meaning: it doesn’t “do” structured processes. The tool must fit the purpose… In organizations you can see tools at use. When looking at the content in these tools you can see if the tool fits the purpose and which tool should be used. Analyzing the holes between tools you can choose where to start with offering new tools!

A crucial factor for the success of this Social Platform is that it has to become socially accepted and widely used. Reed’s law and the Network Effect where key elements discussed during the summit. Enterprise 2.0 tools being social software could benefit from the network effect. The more people use the tool the better it gets. This combined with social network analysis the adoption of new tools can be made very successful (of course this is just one factor!). Picking the right people to start and thus making the network effect work for the adoption!

In conclusion, we realized that E2.0 and current mechanisms that are present in the digital world of working, aren’t competing, but are complementary:

Organizational Network Analysis and Enterprise 2.0

Ontology’s, Taxonomies and Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise Search and Enterprise 2.0

In our next post we will tell more about our separate but synergistic fields of interest!

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Robbert,nice content.hmmm. the network effect. that sound not realy 2.0. The netwerkeffect is as old as mankind.Hen3.0

Hendri, I agree and it is not enterprise 2.0 but it is a great way to think about implementing IT in general! Enterprise 2.0 consists of a number of concepts and tools that are not new nor very complex. The network effect is a concept that is not new but applicable in adoptation of social software!

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