Today a little piece on wehkamp. This is a dutch company that sells just about everything. In the old brick and mortar days they sent thick magazines to every household in Holland. Nowadays they sell 75% through their website. A few days a go they launched a new website. The launch was accompanied with a big discount program, TV and Radio ads and now it is live.

On the site they have a small corner that asks the customers what they feel about the new site. The comments are posted and (after a review) they are shown on the site. The ten best comments get a reward and are published in the Telegraaf (a big dutch newspaper).

I think it is a great thing that Wehkamp is trying this! I have two comments on this feedback loop: it only lasts a month and thus ends. This is a waste because people will allways have comments on the site. This site will be ‘alfa’ in february and not remain a beta site for the rest of its natural life! Second the people from Wehkamp must give feedback on user comments and show what they have done with it to keep the visitors going (and coming and most importantly: buying)

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