EIM2011 Day

Today was EIM2011 Day. We had some great speakers and a great audience. This summed up to a great and inspiring day. First Paul Baan kicked off the day with some fresh insights on Information Productivity. Jeroen Derynck updated us on Enterprise 2.0. Toon Abcouwer described the circle of life for organizations and the different needs for information. Roeland Dietvorst explained what the automatic processes in the brain do. Andy Boyd shared some insights on his work with Shell and the London School of Economics. The last speaker was Bert van Marwijk how told the story about the road to World Cup 2010.

Some take-aways:

  • Cost of Information = Cost of Systems + Cost of Information Overload + Cost of Information Assymmetry
  • Where is the fun in Enterprise Systems?
  • Collaboration counts for 36% of all business performance
  • Information used to mean power but today it means freedom
  • There is tension between desire, obligations and capabilities
  • 25% or less of all information can be put into systems
  • Organisations shift from status quo to crisis to innovation to enterpreneurship and back to status quo. Based on (un)certainty about desires and obligations versus capabilities
  • Our brain shape our view of reality
  • Asymmetric dominance (aka the decoy effect) forces choice
  • Misattribution of arousal changes our behavior
  • Stimulation of the Nucleus accumbens makes us want things NOW
  • Physical warmth can stimulate interpersonal warmth
  • Mirror behavior makes us happier and more receptive
  • We make decisions based on max. 30% written information
  • At Shell 50% of the answers come from people we do not know directly and these answers are  the most valuable 75%
  • You should learn when a project start to make use of new knowledge
  • The best enterprise search is to ask a coworker
  • Focus on a small number of important lessons and keep repeating over and over again
  • Success is made by people, they reach goals!
A day packed with a lot of inspiration and if you did not make it today you should visit EIM2012!