Preparation and Scenario’s

Today I spent the morning preparing for a new customer engagement. The engagement was not sure when I started but the OK came later in the afternoon. Preparation focussed on a workshop format to build an infographic about business processes, information flows and systems. In the afternoon I had to move some appointments around in order to fit an important preparation meeting. I really dislike doing this for a number of reasons but for this time I actually was happy to do so!

In the afternoon I spent some time with a projectteam preparing a number of scenarios to fix some performance issues. We did a nice job on the scenarios and are ready to discuss them next thursday. When I got home I had to wrap up all scenarios in a nice document to share with the rest of the projectteam. In between I went out for a little run to clear my head. After the run I did some final work on the document.

It is always nice to see so many coworkers active on Skype (I am not sure if I like the bid from Microsoft on the company…) even late at night and I had two chats. The first on the document I was working on and the other one was concerning some business development.

Tomorrow is a big day for VLC when the EIM2011 event takes place!