High Mobility Working

Today my work took me to four different places. First up was the VLC office in Utrecht. For me this is ‘home’ and a great place to meet coworkers. After some emailing and phone calls I went to our VLC office in Amsterdam for a quick meeting with the delivery manager for my project. This was unexpected for him as we planned to have a conference call. But for me it was on the way to my next appointment. Meetings in person always seem to be more productive. For this meeting this surely was the point as we could do some pre-evaluation stuff.

After that I went back on the road to meetup and lunch with a New World of Work Friend. We discussed a new initiative I am working and got some valuable feedback and ideas. We had not spoken since my move to VLC and until now we had not had the chance to talk about his work more in depth so we talked about our companies and the work we are doing.

My last stop was at Qlikview where we had a very productive problem solving session for one of our customers. We really were hitting the right vibe and we came up with some new fixes and ideas!

For me this was a high mobility workday where I worked on four locations. My documents, email and schedules are 100% in the cloud. This is great but requires access to the cloud to work ­čśë

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The Week of the New World of Work is Announced

Yesterday at the Smart Work and Smart Travel Experience in Utrecht the campagne was launched on the Week of The New World of Work. The title of this campagne (“Het Nieuwe Werken doe je zelf“) actually does not translate very nice in Eglish but an interpretation would be “It is You New World of Work”. The hey take-away here is that you as an employee can change the way you work yourself, bottom up!

This campagne is a coproduction of a number of public and private organizations and, I guess, unique in the world. Their aim is to promote The New World of Work and really make a change the way we work in The Netherlands. Primary objectives here in The Netherlands are to boost our knowledge economy and to reduce traffic.

The Week of The New World of Work starts on November 8th and lasts until the 14th. During this week a lot of promotion on the topic will be made. You can visit a number of locations to see the New World of Work in action, among those locations are (this can’t come as a surprise)┬áYNNO, Youmeet and CreativeValley. A lot of companies will be hosting workshops and other activities to share knowledge and to spread the word on new ways of working. We will be announcing our program for that week shortly!

Next thursday (September 16th) we will host the official launch party of our building! During this party we will also launch our new online platform on “The Way We Work”. If your interested in coming you can register on linkedin.

If you have great ideas for this week or if you want to visit CreativeValley earlier please let me know!