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information diet

I am trying hard to stay on the information diet. Today I worked like crazy to work through a couple of MB of data to give a good representation of sitevisits for a client. Whole day long I only checked email two times and stayed away from internet all together! Missing out on email, news and twitter surely made working more efficient. Got to keep this up at home, by trying to stay away from TV. Now busy cleening up my bookshelve and needing a solution for my magazines…


The 4-Hour Workweek

A few weeks ago I bought The 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. This week I read it in three nights and was very excited. Apart from the fact that everybody likes the idea of a four hour work week and doing whatever you want, tim gives a lot of input about how to do this and change your life! The DEAL concept is a great way to look at your life and change it. The first two are about setting your goals in life (business and personal) and eliminating all distracting elements to work more effective. The second two are about automating your cashflow, where you own a business and it can run without you, and living it large by doing what you want to do.


wedding weekend is over

This weekend was wedding weekend. Yesterday we were at a wedding of friends. The location was very nice, the old botanical gardens in Utrecht. Hidden in the city center but a great garden and building this is! After a big shower i the morning the weather cleared up and it was a gorgeous day after all. Sometimes it seems that during a wedding the weather is always good. Today we went up to our weddinglocation to take another look with our MC’s and discuss our plans. These guys are really creative! It is going to be great!


A few months a go I committed myself to preparing the week in advance on sunday. This way I have a headstart on mondays. Actually this is the first time since may I really got to do this. Being to busy in weekends is not a good recipe for this!