Being honest, working hard and information relevancy

Today started with a trip to our The Hague office to discuss a the people management transfer to the Advisory of one of our colleagues. Because I was sick yesterday I did not prepare myself enough, but I did come up with two questions concerning ambitions and objectives. These answers gave great direction to our meeting. The other thing I did was be honest as this is my first people management experience. I asked for feedback in the future to set a learning atmosphere.

After this meeting I raced back to Utrecht to visit a client and was barely on time for the meeting. On the way over I was behind a motorcyclist when he slipped on the tarmac, so I had to hot the brakes big time. I was glad to see the driver was OK and I quickly hit the gas. During the meeting we prepared for a workshop next wednesday. This project has big time pressure. This means focus is key and distraction unwanted. When we were finished I went home to get some work done over there.

Today I encountered this video from TED. The video is about the algorithms Google and Facebook and many many others are using to filter information on the web for us. These companies try to make information relevant only forget the person on the other side of the screen (yes that is you) is the one that determines if the information actually is relevant. The major concern is that you cannot control these filters to ensure actual relevancy or chose not to see relevant content!