Continuous Improvement not a fad, but the way forward

Last week I organized a meeting concerning “The Business Case for Digital Working”. Quite interesting it was, I might say. The striking thing of the meeting was that the outcome of this session wasn’t a shortlist of Business Cases, translated into marketing products. Because we approached the Digital Working Environment from an entirely different angle, being “the business” instead of “IT”, the outcome was quite different.

After intensive discussion (which is, fortunately, quite normal within YNNO) we realized that implementing and “running” a Digital Working Environment is never finished. It doesn’t end with “working with Documentum, Hummingbird, LiveLink, or any other ECM application”.

This, of course, isn’t mindboggling, I hear you say. True, IT always has its fair share of bug fixes, add-ons, new releases, et cetera. No, the striking thing was that, because we addressed it from the Business Point of View, we realized that the business never stands still, continuous improvement and adaptation. My colleague Guus appointed that quite nicely from his earlier posts in the realm of BPM. Also, I read a very interesting article on that in MIT Sloan as well.

So what does this mean for the realm of ECM and the related operations within the organization, keeping it aligned with the business? What does it mean for governance? How do these processes have to be managed? Furthermore, if you read posts about Enterprise 2.0, as my other colleague Robbert does, the “golden release” of the IT doesn’t exist anymore (or did it ever?); it’s perpetual beta.

More questions than answers, as it should be after an intensive session. It’s quite interesting to take these outcomes and put them to good use…. Continuous Improvement isn’t a fad, but the way forward; I’m convinced. The result: a digital working environment constantly tailored and suited for the business.