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Presentation on the impact of Neuroscience on UX

July 5th I delivered a presentation on the impact of Neuroscience on User Experience (UX).

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Neuro en ux from Robbert Homburg
Neuroscience Presentations

Presentation on Neuroscience & Information Management

At a EIM seminar we did for the Rabobank I spoke about the things we can learn from Neuroscience to enable better use of information.

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Neuroscience from Robbert Homburg

The New World of Work and EIM

Today I talked about the information barriers that need to be taken to really take full advantage of the New World of Work

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HNW event from Robbert Homburg

Guest lecture on Enterprise Information Management

I did a guest lecture at the HvA on Enterprise Information Management. We added a quiz where the winner joined the panel at EIM2011.

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Gastcollege HvA over EIM from Robbert Homburg