Change and Honesty

Yesterday we decided to start an internal change management course for our collaegues at VLC! During three evenings we will cover a number of items like “what is change management?”, “What is a change process”, “change from an organizational perspective” and “change from an individual perspective”. After the summer we will kick off with the course!

After work I went to Amsterdam for a great diner with friends. During this dinner we discussed a paradox that is still roaming around inside my head. This paradox is about quality versus cost. Supermarkets perceive that customers want to buy cheap products. But more and more people are valuing quality much higher and are willing to pay a premium for better fresh products. The manufacturers of fresh products want to make an honest product that is high quality but large retailers are forcing them to deliver sub-par products at a cheap price. A few weeks ago a Dutch show “Keuringsdienst van Waarde” made two episodes covering malpractices in wine. These malpractices were concerning importing most (crushed grape pulp) and adding water here and selling it as wine. This is illegal since the wine consists of only grapejuice. This means adding water to most makes a drink but you cannot call it wine. The biggest reason to do so is cost, transport is much cheaper and you do not have to pay taxes because the grape most does not contain alcohol. Retailers want to sell people wine at extremely low prices, but do we want to be fooled? Do we really want cheap wine? No! We want honest products at a fair price where the whole supplychain can make a living.

Watch the second episode (Dutch) of the “Keuringsdienst van Waarde”:

Thanks to David Reece for the photo on Flickr



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