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Consumerization and the iPad

WSJ wrote a really interesting post on the boost the iPad is giving to consumerization of IT. More and more people are bringing their own devices to work. You can literally see it at offices in the Netherlands right now. More and more people are bringing iPads to work. Actually Prince Willem-Alexander used the iPad last year for a speech, how about that for consumerization! Organizations are actually making consumerization part of their policies. My former employer, YNNO, had this philosophy and my current employer, VLC, also has a consumerization or Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) concept. This results in (some cases) cheaper IT, better alignment with worker needs and devices used to get the job done, freedom of choice and happier people.

This concept does have some consequences for your IT department and how your company organizes information. Think about the way you enable information to be used on a device that could be anything. What are the system requirements to use your corporate systems? Are they webbased and fit for which browsers? Does my company allow connections from outside the firewall?

Is you company ready for this concept? What do you think about BYOD?

Note: I am working on a BYOD device myself: a MacBook but not on a iPad. I am not quite convinced you can use the iPad as your primary device. In the past I did use a HP tablet PC, I liked the tablet functionality but performance was way below par…

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