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Enterprise 2.0 movements today

Well actually it started yesterday. I was interviewed for an article in NRC Handelsblad this week and it already was in the paper on thursday!

On october 10th there will the the second meetup of enterprise 2.0 enthousiasts in The Netherlands. For now the meetup will cover the challanges on enterprise 2.0 in adoption and technology!

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n-ar rost să-ți răspund, că doar ne vedem een ce2teva ore :P@Ralu: ugh, nu știu ce2nd o să intru pe mess, dar dacă sunt vești bune, nu pot dece2t să mă bucur!! :D@claudia: Danke! :)@Verde Ursuz: an update is on its way!@Ralf: Ib4m sorry Ralf, no Dresden this time, but Ib4m painnlng on coming here again so youb4ll be the next one on the list 🙂

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