Yesterday I had a great run, 15,5 kilometers! That is my farest run in like one year. Today my legs are actually feeling good. This is all in training for running a half marathon in oktober in Amsterdam. My goal is to complete it in 1 hour 45. So I have some work to do but also a lot of time to get it done.

It is great to see nowadays that you can get trainingprograms online everywhere to make your own. I am using a scheme to have a easy long distance run, a very fast short run and then a medium distance run. It is a great scheme because you have variation in training. Every few weeks I upgrade the number of kilometers to get stronger!

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Hi Robbert,

Guess what, you’re getting company. Hans plans to run the half marathon in Amsterdam as well. He hopes you will carry some water for him during the run. Have fun during your runs and see you in Amsterdam soon.

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