Giving up email

Inspired by Luis Suarez, I am going to give up email for the most part. First step is getting rid of my newsletter subscriptions. Either unsubscribing or better adding the RSS feed to my personal homepage! The next step will be using other media go motivate coworkers and clients to start using other tools. This will be a lot harder than the newsletter stuff… But we will see what will happen!

Luis experiment even got some attention from Andrew McAfee in a recent blogpost! It seems that getting rid of the email overflow is a genuine topic in business these days.

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So are we to give up the privacy of back channel discussions in favor of communities where those in our private trust circles get to see everyone in all of our circles and read the conversations? I am not jumping at the opportunity to register with facebook and be easily found, display all my friends, and leave my conversations on the wall for all to peruse.

The funniest part of this whole blog is when I try to leave a post with no email address:

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