why enterprise 2.0 will not change an organization

In the last view days professor mcafee and tom davenport have been discussing online about enterprise 2.0. Is E20 going to be the next big thing or not? Both agree that technology is not going to change an organization. E20 will only succeed if an organization is ready and able to do so. As professor mcafee points out, the IT department has to transform or step out of the way and let users decide which technology they need. Business users have go out and explore the internet. Management must understand this is going to happen, and workers will do it more and more! When the current MySpace generation start to work, current management will not know what has hit them. Technolgy will not change an organization but leadership will!

 In time a maturity model on enterprise 2.0 will evolve. This maturity model will audit a few concepts like leadership, culture and IT and give some directions how to change an organization to embrace enterprise 2.0 concepts and technologies.

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