enterprise 2.0 and the coffee machine

While I was reading an article from dion hinchcliffe about the reasons IT departements remain wary about enterprise 2.0 a came across a remark that caused my brain to hop. In my company we are talking about the effects of the physical workplace on the work of people from a knowledge management perspective. In this line of work it is hard to convince managers that it can be very usefull for people to come together and talk about work. The knowledge sharing that is happening at the coffeemachine may even be the best there is!

Dion made a remark about the fact that managers are wary to let people contribute an hour to an E2.0 application instead of ‘regular’ work. There is a paralel between the hour of dion and the time spent at the coffeemachine. It is about knowledge sharing and thus doing your job! People @ work will find their own ways of working. Management opposition on these initiatives will only work contraproductive!

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